Monitors your skin moles over time and warns you if there’s a problem. Dermatic takes automated measurements of your moles to help prevent skin cancer. So you can stop worrying about your moles - Dermatic has you covered.

*Please note that Dermatic is not a diagnostic or therapeutic device. It is intended for imaging, archiving and communication only.
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How does Dermatic work?

1. Attach

Dermatic is compatible with any smartphone. Mount the cover and attach the device to the camera lens on the back of your phone. When you hear a click, the attachment is in place and Dermatic will turn on.

If you change your phone, there’s no need to buy a new Dermatic - we’ll send you a suitable cover for free. Fast and painless.

2. Scan

Open the Dermatic App for your Android or iOS phone, put the phone on your mole and take a picture. Let our lenses work their magic: the 10x optical zoom provides incredibly sharp detail.

Place the phone lens in contact with your skin: this is the optimum distance from the mole. The optical lenses and LEDs give you crystal clear photos no matter what.

3. Self-Check

Within a few seconds you’ll have your automated analysis, which you can use to review your moles and compare them with the previous shots.

Our analysis algorithms extract a number of parameters from your photos that will help you compare your moles with the previous shots: do you notice any asymmetry, irregular borders, color changes, increased diameter or noticeable differences?

4. Send

If you have any concerns, send the pictures to a dermatologist, who will give you immediate feedback. You can also book further medical examinations straight from the app.

The doctor will examine your suspicious moles remotely, compare them with your other moles, and will have access to our parameters (area, borders, dimension) in order to provide an initial opinion.

5. Stay Informed

Skin cancer is more frequent than breast, prostate, lung and colon cancers put together. Mole mapping followed by periodic tracking is one effective tool in the prevention of skin cancer. Dermatic makes this fast and easy.

Since the 1990s, skin cancer has affected more people than all other cancers combined. Seven out of ten skin cancers are first detected by patients or family members, but sometimes too late. If caught in time, the survival rate is 98%.

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A device for your own and your family’s skin health

Dermatic is designed to help you prevent skin cancer. Skin cancer is the most common and deadly kind of cancer, but has a very high survival rate when diagnosed early. Dermatic combines the accuracy of a medical tool with the ease of a portable home device.

With Dermatic, self-screening has never been so easy. Dermatic highlights the differences between images, reports parameter variations and helps you understand your moles better and monitor them more effectively.

With one Dermatic you can scan the moles of your family and loved ones. So you can stop worrying about your moles - Dermatic has you covered

Why can’t I just use my phone camera?

Optical zoom, focused lights and image analysis algorithms. Guided full-body scan and weekly reminders. These really make the difference.

Features Phone camera Competitors Dermatic
Automatic Analysis
Polarized LEDs
Guided full-body mapping
Dermatologist Approved
Reminds you when it’s time to scan again
Compatible with any smartphone
High quality professional images
Focused lights
Optical Zoom
Smart storage

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