Built without compromise

We’ve built Dermatic to the highest quality standards.
Coated anti-glare aberration-free glass lenses, polarized LEDs, large batteries,
durable materials, state-of-the-art algorithms and a friendly app.

Optical Zoom

The optical lens gives you a natural 10x zoom, guaranteeing a high quality image.

Automatic Analysis

The fast, powerful algorithm gives you a detailed analysis of your moles, making your mapping much easier.

100% compatible

You can use any smartphone, and adapting to a new one is painless and quick.

Subdermal Inspection

Polarized LEDs penetrate the skin, allowing subdermal dermatoscopy - without polarized LEDs you’d need a special gel to inspect the moles

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Dermatologist Approved

Dermatic is supported, tested and followed by professional dermatologists.

Intuitive App

The app is easy to use, and displays all the information in an intuitive way. Everything is at your fingertips

Long Life Battery

Up to 2,000 mole scans before a recharge is needed.

Body Mapping

The Dermatic full-body mole mapping system will keep track of all your moles over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any doubts, we've probably already thought of them - and provided the answers.

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Dermatic will soon be available to order online here. Purchases and shipments start in January 2017. If you give us your email address, we can contact you.
Yes: a smartphone is all you need. Dermatic ships with a light smartphone cover with the device attached. The cover is available for iPhone and Android smartphones.
Yes: all iPhone models are supported.
Dermatic is supported on all Android devices.
Sure. All you need is a cover for your new smartphone. We'll ship the new cover for free.
The Dermatic app will enable you to localize each mole on your body, giving you a precise overview of all your moles.
No automatic device can completely replace a doctor. The Dermatic app will provide meaningful analysis and help you monitor all your moles. Actual diagnosis should be done by your dermatologist.
Thanks to its optical lens and focused lights, Dermatic provides high-quality images comparable with those obtained from a professional dermatoscope and much more accurate than images shot from a smartphone camera alone.
According to the American Cancer Society, the first and most common diagnostic technique is still visual inspection: to detect skin cancer it is recommended that you constantly examine moles for changes and consult a qualified physician when a candidate appears. Only suspicious moles will be analyzed further and eventually removed or biopsied.
Yes. We use the strongest encryption to manage your data and do not share any of your personal information with anyone but the doctors you choose.
You will get your Dermatic device, a usb battery charger, one or more covers for the smartphones you requested and the Dermatic app (for Android or iPhone).
No, you'll just need a subscription to our one-device-to-many-patients service, and possibly different covers for the smartphones.
Actually, there are many doctors and dermatologists involved, both in our develop team and as consultants.
Dermatic focused lights are very low-energy: up to 2,000 moles can be scanned before a recharge is needed.
Dermatic ships worldwide in 15 days. You can track it live on your personal page after purchase

Superior class lenses

Dermatic is equipped with the same optical lenses as professional dermatoscopes. It features polarized LEDs so that you can take subdermal images without any gel. Without polarized LEDs, you’d need a special gel to capture these images.

When you attach Dermatic to your phone it will automatically turn on. When you detach it, it will turn off. Magnets align the center of Dermatic’s lenses with the center of your phone camera to provide the sharpest images possible. The magnets are strong and will keep Dermatic attached to your smartphone until you remove it.

If you forget that Dermatic is attached, it will automatically turn off after ten minutes to save battery power. Dermatic uses its own lithium batteries, so it won’t drain your smartphone battery. A small electronic circuit controls the LEDs and timers.

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